Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letter #7

This week has been nothing but crazy to say the least. And I apologize for my tardiness in writing this letter, but due to Memorial Day, the public library was closed. But back to the week of craze! Last week we had a little competition between all the districts in the Shreveport Zone to see which District could find the most new investigators. A new investigator is an individual who you teach a lesson to, and set up a specific return appointment. So Elder Spangler and I set out to beat everyone else single handily. We talked to EVERYONE who we saw on the street, and by the end of the week had 8 new investigators, which Elder Spangler tells me is really good! Just not good enough to win the competition:( See the rules were that each district would be avraged out, and the other companionships in our districts struggled this week, and couldn't find anyone new to teach. But I guess the bright side to our loss, if there is such a thing, is that we have 8 new people to teach this week!! Epic! So because our mission is really pushing setting people with baptisimal dates on the first visit, we now have 4 people set up to baptized on the 28th of june! Pretty cool. Its hard to believe that I'm a missionary. Every morning, I have to remind myself that this is who I am now, but I will say this. My P-day cloths are starting to feel akward to have on. I feel boarderline naked without the collar of my white shirt hitting me high on the neck! Its crazy to think Im already a month and a half in to this thing. Time is an interesting thing when your a missionary. Everyday goes by so fast. Every time I check my watch, it feels like I'm late. There feels like there is so much to do but so little time to finish it. Two years will fly by. Two years will be just a flash of time.
Elder Maddox

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