Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elder Maddox Arrives In Mississippi!

With the beauty of Blogs, I am now able to stalk my missionary son via the computer!!!  While I have not yet officially heard from him personally through the mail I was able to find him on the Mississippi Jackson Mission Blog that his mission president keeps. How awesome is that!  Not only am I keeping a blog for my son but so is his mission president!  I am so glad to know he has made it safely and didn't loose his luggage this time!  So here are a few of the pictures that I found on the blog spot...

"It was a beautiful day for twelve amazing missionaries to arrive.  Welcome Elders Murdoch, Bradshaw, Palmieri, Green, Bytheway, Flint, Thomas, Maddox, Saunders, Hamp and
 ( Pres. & Sis. Tucker)  Sisters Talakai and Tomlinson."

"After getting all the luggage we held to tradition and put everyone on the elevator for a photo" 

Elder Madox in back center with red and white tie!!!
Elder Maddox center back to us with MTC companion Flint

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