Monday, May 14, 2012

First Phone Call Home!!! (Atlanta, GA)

For those of you unfamiliar to an LDS Misson, the missionaries may write home and friends once a week and may call home twice a year, on Mother's Day and Christmas.  They are also allowed to call from the airport when they travel from the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah to the area they will be serving their 2 year mission in.  If they happen to be in the MTC on either Mother's Day or Christmas they do not get to call home.  But in Steven's case he flew to Mississippi the day after Mother's Day so while I didn't get a phone call yesterday I received TWO today!!!  He called at 6:30 this morning from the Salt Lake Airport so he could talk to all of his brothers and sisters before they left for school.  And he called me a few hours later during his layover in Atlanta, GA.  It was so good to hear from him!  He was very excited to talk to each of his siblings but by the time he got to the last, his 6 year old sister Katrina, he was very choked up.  (I love that he misses each of them so much)    He told me that during his almost 3 weeks in the MTC that he saw at least 15 or more young men that he knew from home.  He said that Elder Brennan Stratton is doing great and is having an amazing time like himself.  He also saw Elder Braden Day and even got to participate in a blessing for Elder Day after he injured his shoulder playing sports. Steven said he has had so many amazing experiences while he has been there.  Elder Maddox sounds happy and ready to accomplish great things.  It made me feel so good to hear his cheerful voice and positive attitude.  I have updated his mailing address on the blog.  He loves receiving letters and is grateful to everyone who writes him.  ~Lisa

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  1. Will be praying for you and your family who misses you very much. I'm a long time distant friend of your Mother and the Mother of Edwina Jones. Sounds like you are haveing an amazing experience. I am available if you should need help. Love Judy Cox