Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letter #4 (MTC)

What up outside world!!
It feels like I have been here since the start of time!! But at the same time, its crazy to think my stint here at the MTC is almost expired! I got my travel plans! As of monday at 3 p.m. o'clock (mississippi time) I will be in the field! Crazy to think! So here is my schedule. Monday morning I wake up at 3 in the a.m., get all the rest of my stuff together, and then be at the travel office at 3:30. We, my distict, then load up in a bus, and drive up to SLC international!! Then fly to Atlanta, then over to Jackson. Family, I'm not too sure on when I will be able to call, so keep phones on you, and answer if its not a number you recgonize, especially dad;) So ya pretty crazy. Although I love it here, teaching everyday and spending time with my district, its pushing my sanity levels being here doing the same thing all day everyday but what can you do right.
I got to listen to Elder D. Todd Christofferson yesterday!! It was abslolutly amazing to hear an Apostle of the Lord speak to us. He taught on how we as missionaries can attain the true love of Christ that each and every missionary, not only needs to, but should have. It was crazy because that is exactly what I have been trying to figure out for the last few days!! Never before have I recieved such an obvious answer to a prayer, like I did last night. Amazing things happen here, and I can't wait for all my friends and family who have calls, or are waiting for calls, to experience all of the cool experiences that have been happening! Its impossible to go anywhere here without feeling the spirit! Cousins, this next part is for you. Attend the temple as much as you can before you come to the MTC. The once a week for an hour that you get here just dosen't satistify your needs. Get in all that you can while on the outside! Can't wait to read your letters when you get here!
To all the friends and family that have written me letters, thank you so much! I have very limited time each day to write, so please forgive me for not responding in a quick manner! But keep them coming, I love hearing from each and every one of you! These next few days will be crazy! Amazing things are done by the missionaries here, and I'm so proud to be apart of that! Love you all!!  
           ~Elder Maddox

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