Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter # 23 (Texarkana, TX)

Hey momma!
So this week was a weird one. Time becomes so weird on the mission, because you get into a routine, and this week was a big routine. It flew by. But the good news is that I was able to go up to Ashdown for a day on Sunday. For those of you who don't know, I am currently living in Texarkana, Texas. In four weeks, on Halloween actually, I will be moving to Ashdown, Arkansas to open the area. Texarkana is about 15 miles away from and my companion Elder Parker, and I have been working it a little bit when we had a few hours to spare. When were not in Ashdown, where here in Texar trying to find people to teach. A lot of the people who we are finding, and teaching speak Spanish. Which doesn't work too well because I don't speak Spanish. Elder Parker is fluent, and I am trying to learn, but Spanish is hard! I am trying to learn it the same way the guy on The Other Side of Heaven learned his language. Haha by reading one verse in spanish, then reading the same verse in English out of the Book Of Mormon. I am starting to be able to understand bits and pieces of the lessons', and can usually tell where he is as far as the lessons are concerned. From being around spanish speaking people both in church and out in the field, I am starting to understand very common phrases. Elder Parker is teaching me as best he can, but I am a pretty hard student I guess. He tells me you can't try to translate everything directly, or something I don't really know, I think he is just playing Jedi Mind tricks. Glad to hear that everything is going solid back home. Happy birthday Big Al! I sent you a letter, that you should be getting very soon, like today. I missed you by a few days, but please forgive me. Its hard to believe that 14 years has gone that fast. I can only imagine how fast these two will go., Crazy thought for everyone, I know I say that a lot, but this whole mission thing has been crazy! Any way, at the end of the month I hit my 6 month mark. Feels like I just left home yesterday. It's going by way too fast!.
~Elder Maddox

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