Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter #22 (Texarkana, TX!!!)

Wow, I feel a little ripped off with this short letter but I guess I should just be grateful that my 19 year old son took the time to write home! Last Tuesday was his first transfer since he arrived in the mission field. Hr is now in Texas!!! He has a new companion who speaks english but has been called to serve a spanish speaking mission and learned spanish in the MTC. So Steven has heard a lot of spanish lately! We sure miss him but have great faith in what he has chosen to do and are so glad that he is there.

Hola has become common in my daily slang this last week or so! Its been crazy, and I haven't understood a lot of it, but it has been a spirit filled week to say the least. I apoligize in advance that this will be a short letter, but I don't have too much time. There is always something going on here. The ward is very excited about missionary work, and are pushing us to work harder and longer. They are so excited for Ashdown to be opened up next transfer, and I am already getting teaching appointments up there. Ashdown is about 30 minutes away from Texarkana. I haven't been up there, but will be there Thursday for the teaching lesson. Looking forward to learning the area and learning all about Texas and Arkansas life style! It has been so much fun here living with three other missionaries, its a non stop party. Theyre all on a diet though cause theyre all going home within 6 months! I am the youngest around here by over a year, so I have to grow up real quick. I will write more next week, but dinner with the Whittington's is done! Take care Yall!
~Elder Maddox!

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