Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Letter #25 (Texarkana, TX)

Hey Everyone.
I apologize for the late letter, but it seems like everyone including myself has a zone conference of some sort this week. This is my excuse as well! We had a zone conference yesterday in Monroe which is just about four hours from up here in Texas. So I had a cool opportunity to spend time in Shreveport for a day. It all started out on Sunday evening. We had to be in Monroe by 8:30 so we got President to autorize a sleepover in Shreveport so we could make it on time! The next day, we got up early and all caravaned to Zone Conferance. But this Zone Conference was unlike any other I have been a part of. Because we had a quorum of the 70 member attend and throw down! He taught us so much in just a few short hours. He pounded into our heads over and over again just how important our calling is. He called us out, and gave us our new calling. To attack the less active lists that each of our ward's have. He told us this will lead to hundreds more baptisims, so this is the new route that well will be taking. It was absolutly amazing to see Elder Nash, walk in, not know us, and tell us the best way to improve. And more than that, to be able to discern our hearts, and tell us exactly what we needed. It was truly amazing. Then I had the chance to spend some time in Shreveport and to visit some of the families I spent so much time around.
Sorry for the short letter, but we only had a few minutes to come to the library. This week was an amazing one, and I will give a much more detailed account tomorrow, or when ever I find the time to get back! Love you all!

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