Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letter #26 (Texarkana, TX)

Hey Family
So it has been a long few days. They have been action packed, and miracle filled. The after effects of last week's zone conference have been many. The overall attitude of the mission has been changed, as far as I can see, and new hope has been installed in each of us. It has been a week full of finding for Elder Parker and I, with eleven new investigators. One of them in particular was especially amazing. His name is Marquis. He was found by the sister missionaries here in Texar. When the sisters talked to him in Sam's club, he told them he had a book of mormon, and that he had been reading it. Now here in the South, a lot of people will say that, just so they don't have to deal with us. But this guy was seriously interested. So the sisters set up a return appointment, and Elder Parker and I went to see him. Once we were there, we talked a bit, and taught him the restoration. Now personally I felt like it was the worst lesson I have taught! But for whatever reason it worked. Because right after the lesson, he looked at us and said"I don't care what else you have to teach me, because I know that this book is true, and whatever comes from it, I need to be apart of". It was such a testimony builder to me. The true power of our church is the power of the Book Of Mormon. It is how this work will go forth. The only way for it to go forth. The missionary's only power is for them to present the book. After that, we can do nothing, other than follow up. I had another cool thought this week. All four of the Maddox family cousins are in their areas now. And with in a year, seven of us will be out doing the Lords work. It truly is a blessing for me to be here now. The knowledge that I have received over the last six months has been invaluable. Ya, thats right. I also will have been out for six months come wednesday! Crazy thoughts! Time is weird! And time is short today! Sorry!
~Elder Maddox

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