Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter #45 (Byram, MS)

Hey Momma!!                                                                                                                     May 28, 2013
So first of all, its been forever!! Since mother's day I believe! Crazy crazy busy would be the simplest way to say what the last few weeks have been. It all started with sister Gladys Knight coming to our mission the Thursday following mothers day! She rocked it! The entire night was focused on getting as many people as we could into the Stake Center in Clinton! Here is the play by play of the night. It all started with us heading up to Clinton, about twenty miles away, at around 4:30. We had a lot of non members and less actives coming, so Elder Anderson headed to stand with them in line, while I did what I do best! Talked to everyone who was standing in line. I talked for one hour non stop to just as many people as I could, teaching them about the referral cards in the program. It like to think that I helped out a lot! But because I was talking to people for so long, I missed the opening part of both shows! But it was totally worth it. Once I finally made it inside, the place was PACKED, you would have thought it was a Jazz-Lakers playoff game 7. Southerners love Gladys Knight after all. But like I said, slammed. People everywhere. Luckily one of the other missionaries saved me a seat, and I was able to watch the last half, and it was so amazing!! Now, the choir was not your average Mo-Tab. No not even close. Do your best to imagine what you think a big baptist choir, and that will get you close! It was absolutely amazing, but the music was not the best part. The best part, were the testimonies of Ms. Gladys and her Husband, William. Now, as many of you know, many people down here are not the biggest fans of us Mormon Missionaries, but that did not stop these two from being blunt and bold. They described the church, and taught possibly the best Restoration lesson that I have ever heard, and they held nothing back! They told everyone in that room, in both sessions, that our church is the only true church because of the Authority that our church possesses. Then came one of the coolest moments of my missionary life. While Ms. Gladys was sharing her testimony she talked about how her conversion came about. How the missionaries had found her through her children, who had become members just a year before. She then proceeded to brag on missionaries world wide. How we are such upstanding young men, and messengers of Christ. Many people were giving her amen's and head nod's. She then said " You know what, I bet there are some missionaries in here right now. Why don't we have them stand up!" So we all looked at each other and stood up, and wouldn't you know it, we got a standing O from all the people in the room, both non member, and member alike! Imagine my surprise, to see people, many who had slammed doors in my face, standing up and applauding us missionaries. Talk about weird! Haha but it was absolutely amazing. Well, the music continued, and the testimonies were shared, and many people, who before May 16th had no desire to hear about the gospel, or talk to missionaries, suddenly had a strong desire to hear the Restoration! All in all we had a grand total of 10 referrals come our way to Byrum/ Florence, and many people who we have contacted are now taking the lessons! Thanks Ms. Gladys! It was great, and they have super charged our mission! We continue to to work hard, and play hard. Lots of ball in the hood, and we win most of the time. Loving life
            ~Elder Maddox

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