Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter #30 (Ashdown, AR)

What up world!
First of all, Merry Christmas! I am a fan of Thanksgiving so I generally refuse to say it until December which it is! It is crazy to think that we are so close to Christmas. It is truly an amazing time to be a missionary, and I thank my father in Heaven for this opportunity on a daily basis. One thing that has been very amazing is the out poring of love from my family both extended and immediate. It seems that on a daily basis I receive multiple letters. It is hard to be homesick when you have so much love and support. Thank you for it, and keep it coming. I will do my best to return the letters, but it may take a little while, I have received that much. Ashdown continues to be my favorite place to serve. The members are absolutly amazing and take the best of care of us. I have heard that home life is going well. With 3 more "Maddox" cousins prepairng, and 4 serving, this Christmas will be an interesting one I am sure. I am all to happy to be here. I am thankful to be apart of this work, that will not be stopped. Congrats to Elder Wade for his call to Africa, and Larsen for his call coming Wednesday! Can't wait to have yall out here!
~Elder Maddox

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