Monday, December 10, 2012

Letter #31 ( Ashdown, AR)

What up World!
Alright so first of all, I would be a terrible friend if I didn't give a shout out to both Zac Larsen and Zach Wade. For those who don't know, these two, two of my dearest friends, just received their mission calls within the last two weeks. Both headed to Ghana! And on the same day! Ghana doesn't know what is headed their way. You both will do so well! Look after each other you two! Ahh so cool!
Alright so I want to share an experience with yall that was a very eye opening experience for me. See for me when I walk around here, I assume most people aren't Mormon. Now since almost everyone who I speak too is not, they walk around and assume the same thing, that most people are not Mormon. Well the other day Elder Jasperson and I were throwing the ole' pig skin around in the parking lot of our apartment when a middle aged man walked up and started to talk to us about who our favorite football teams were and what not. Now since it was seven in the morning, we weren't dressed up. So he was kinda shocked when we let him know just how uninformed we were. But once we started to talk to him, and he found out we were missionaries, he looked at us and said "O y'all are in the mission field"? Haha as it turns out Jim has family that lives in Roy, Utah, and has two nephews that are preparing to serve. As we quickly taught him a quick restoration lesson, and departed, he looked at us and said "I just knew there was something different about you two." It was a truly humbling experience for me. That this individual could tell that there was something different with us, and then to have something positive to say about "us Mormons". The work truly is hastening, but not just by the missionaries. The influence of those around us, who don't wake up each and every day to put on a tag, is what will make this work go forward.
~Elder Maddox

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