Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter #28 (Ashdown, AR)

Hey world!
It continues to amaze me just how fast the weeks go in the field, but I am sure yall are sick of hearing about that so on to bigger and better things! Ashdown continues to be fun. It is a very tight community, so Elder Jasperson and I are doing our best to become part of the community. It has been a lot of fun to walk the streets of this small town, and watch all of the people point and stare at us! I love to stand out, and love being recognized as Mormon! It is great that people are starting to know more and more, and because of either what is going on in politics, or other reasons unknown to me, people are wanting to know more. I can only imagine what a Mormon president would do for missionary work. Many people ask questions, but it would only get better!
Anyway, this week was not so much focused on finding people, as it was working with Elder Jasperson. We would focus on different things like teaching the lessons to members and different things like that. And I have to say that he is an amazing missionary. He is much more prepared than I was, and his enthusiasm is contagious. It is exciting to have companions who are ready to work, and willing to learn, because that translates to having fun while doing all of those things. It makes training so much more fun, and opening up an area so much less stressful! Even if you don't feel like you know the scriptures that well, or you can't teach as well as someone else can, if you can get out and work, you will be a companion everyone wants to have. Hard work is truly the only way to have success in the mission, and I hope that if nothing else, those who are prepairing to serve will come out with some energy. Otherwise, don't bother coming, you will just slow us down!!
Elder Maddox

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