Monday, November 12, 2012

Letter #29 (Ashdown, AK)

What an interesting week, but I guess that's every week of this thing they call the mission! First things first! Little Mak! I heard about your amazing experience with Elder Nelson! That is so cool, way to use your talents! Keep using them! They will only grow! And second, I can't believe Obama won! Hey, every state in my mission voted for him! It was Jeff's and Sam's that Obama won! Get mad at them for not spreading Romney more like I did! Not my fault! This week has been a very good week. We have been finding a lot of success up in Ashdown. We have been really focusing on working with the members. So we have been focused on serving those around here. On Saturday we got to play around with taking down barbed wire, and today, at 7 got to go tear down all of the posts! It has been a lot of fun, but I think I need you to send out my boots mom! And a pair of my jeans! Please and thank you! It would be much appreciated, and they will be used! Plus this is a test to see how much you got rid of after I left. I know you didn't like those boots, so if I don't get them, we will be having a talkin about! So going back to what Elder Jasperson and I have been doing. Since he is so new, we have been going to the four or five active families in the Ward and teaching them the restoration. It has been very successful. The members are able to feel the spirit in a very real way, and Elder Jasperson and I become far more powerful teachers with the practice that we are receiving. We have a few people who we continue to work with, and even have someone who wishes to be baptized. Yesterday we invited her to be baptized on January 19th, 2013, of coarse thats all dependent that the world makes it through December 21st, 2012! Haha for anyone who knows the Maddox family, that is a very important date. I think three birthdays, and an anniversary This will only add to the festivities of the day! Everything just seems to be going well here. No complaints on this end. For those of you who possibly, somehow forgot, this is your heads up! This week is Lisa-gras! Don't you forget it!
~Elder Maddox!

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