Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter #20 (Shreveport, LA)

This past week has been one of the most amazing miracles I have seen so far in the mission! With the weather still hot and humid, reaching upwards of 100 degrees for much of the week, this week was one of many doors knocked, and many doors opened. Due to an injury to his companion, Elder Ensign and I spent a lot of time this week on exchanges. So we have been splitting the time between the two of our areas, and I can honestly say that both areas have taken a boost. We ran into people who were more than willing to hear and accept the gospel, so it will be exciting to see where those people progress too, and to see how the Gospel will change their lives. It has truly changed mine. The Spirit has been in an abundance in so many ways. The gifts of the Spirit have been in an abundance in so many ways. It continues to blow my mind when ever we are teaching just how the Spirit works. For example, while we were teaching a girl named Sarah about the restoration, I felt like I should ask her a specific question. The question, to me at least, seemed so crazy to ask. It seemed like I was letting my mind wander, and I got frustrated with myself for it. But then the question came to mind again, so I decided to just ask. The question hit her hard, and made her consider, that maybe there was more to the message that we were sharing. It was so amazing how I questioned myself, and the Spirit allowed me a make up for my mistake, and allowed me to have that question in my mind, and allowed me to speak it. That was just one of the many miracles! Little miracles were in an abundance as well! Like we were teaching a lesson outside yesterday and the AC unit next door was SO LOUD! But right as I started to teach the first vision. It was silent....there was peace, it was tranquil. It was amazing how the silence allowed the Holy Ghost to work over the lady we were teaching.
Something that I have been studying in my own personal study has been the life of Jesus Christ through both the New Testament, and a book written by Elder James E. Talmage called Jesus the Christ. Through this book, and my studies of the Bible, my understanding of the Atonement has been enlightened. While I will not pretend that my understanding is perfect, its far from, my testimony of the most incredible act preformed on this earth has been increased. And with an increased understanding of what my Lord and Savior did for me personally, I feel more desire, more fire to go and help his work go forward. It is amazing what a bit of understanding can do. With a better understanding of Christ, we become more grateful for what He did. If we all had this better understanding, there would be no problem with each and everyone of us sharing the Gospel with our friends, and family.
Elder Maddox

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