Monday, August 20, 2012

A Few Pictures!

Elder Spangler was Boo's (Elder Maddox) trainer, his first companion in the field.  He was the one who taught Boo how to function in the missionary world!  He made Boo learn to love knocking doors, let him "win" in a bike race and even made Boo pick up his own messes now and then.  Elder Spangler completed his mission a week and a half ago and headed home.  Luckily for us he lives only about 30 minutes from our home in Utah, so yesterday we got to meet him!  It was so much fun to hear all about how Boo is doing from someone that has lived with him for the last 3 months.  Listening to Elder Spangler's stories it was obvious that he really got to know our Boo.  I know from Steven's letters that he really developed a great love and deep respect for Elder Spangler as well as an amazing friendship.  And now having met
 Justin (Elder Spangler) it sounds mutual.  I am so glad that he has been able to have such a great experience.    
 Thank you Elder Spangler for being such a wonderful example to my son. 

I can assume they are burning Elder Spangler's well worn  suit...

Elder Spangler and Elder Maddox  saying goodbye.
The REAL Goodbye!!!

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