Monday, March 25, 2013

Letter 39, (Ruston, LA)

Hey everyone!
What an amazingly exhausting week to say the least. Monday and Tuesday were great days for being a missionary. Very normal, knocking doors and teaching lessons, and what not! Found some people to teach, and it was great. Then Wednesday we loaded up in the car and drove for a half hour to Monroe for Zone Conference. And what an AMAZING conference it was! The whole conference was taught by president and the assistants, and the main idea of the conference was "spiritual grit." Spiritual Grit was defined by president as "our, the missionaries, ability to move on and get over it." I loved to see this attitude from president, teaching us to "just get over it!" And man I needed to hear that message. Its not that I have been depressed or nothin, but I have been struggling a bit. It was a great conference to say the least! The week finished out pretty normal, just blessings like crazy! Wish I had time to share all but I don't! Congrats to Elder Wade and Larsen on leaving so soon! Love you guys, see you soon!
~Elder Maddox

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  1. Hello! I am Elder Anderson's mother, and you can follow him on
    adamanderson, if you want. Adam is excited to have Elder Maddox as a companion, and says he's very bold about sharing the Gospel. It's a great time to be a missionary!