Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter #12 (Shreveport, LA)

Steven's cousin entered the MTC yesterday! That is 2 of the four boys in our family that will be serving over the next 2 years! There will be a total of 7 over the next 4 years. It was hard for these boys to say good by to each other. But, they each know the importance of it.         ~Lisa

Steven, Sam, Jeff, Zack.  Steven and Jeff are now serving, Sam and Zack will enter the MTC in the next 3 weeks!

These boys can never all be serious at the same time someone always has his finger in the others ear...taking their pictures at 18 was exactly  like taking their picture when they were 2 years old!!!   (Seriously) 

These 7 cousins will all leave on their missions over the next 2 years!
Now this weeks letter from My Missionary...      

O I can't believe I just started my email out with that, I have been
hanging around the spanish missionaries too long! But this week was a
crazy week here in Shreveport. Crazy rain storms like you never get
in Utah have been a regular occurance the last few weeks, and we have
had two investigators progress like crazy! One of them, Alex Doorman,
is a 15 year old young man who is being an amazing example to all of
his family, some of which, are inactive members who his example is
changing. He is progressing towards baptisim thorugh his own personal
study of the Book of Mormon. It is amazing how when the people we
teach decide to finally read, their whole perspective changes. They
see the need to be baptized, because, throught their reading, they see
how amazing both God, and Christ are, and when they see that, they,
the investigators, want to do all they can to become closer to God.
The Book of Mormon has changed me drastically in the last two months.
I am just a few chapters from finishing it, and can not put it down
most mornings. What continues to amaze me, is the more I learn about
the gospel, and the more effective I become as a teacher, the simpler
my personal testimony becomes. The more I teach about everything that
makes up the Mormon faith, I realize how truly simple all of our
testimonies should be. They should be comprised of three simple,
essentail truths. 1: That Jospeh Smith was a true Phrophet, and he
resoted the true church of Christ, and the autority to administer as
such. 2: That the Book of Mormon is nothing short of the word of
God. That when combined with the Bible, the Book of Mormon is the
fulness of the Gospel. And number 3: That our savior is Jesus
Christ. He felt all of our pains, afflections, guilts, and
temptaitons. He fell below all of us, to the lowest of low's only to
rise up, and loose the bands of death, and conquer all. Christ has
been refered to as both the Lamb, and The Shepard. He has transended
all. That is the simplicity of our church.
~Elder Maddox

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