Monday, July 23, 2012

Letter #14 (shreveport,LA)

What a crazy week this last one has been. Crazy busy. This week Elder Spanlgler and I had the opprotunity to find six new people to teach, and also found an additional family who we met briefly, but will begin teaching this week. Gotta love knocking doors!! It has been nothing but hott down here in the south, but no complaints from me! I think that Elder Spangler is starting to finally realize just how close he is to going home. It's not that he is trunky by any means, rather the oppisite. He is so lost in the mission that he dosen't know what to do when he dosen't have the tag on. I hope that I can be the same way when I leave. That is my goal! But his time is wearing down, he heads out on August the 8th, but I will get my new companion on the 7th. It is weird to think that I will be running the area in just two weeks, but because of Elder Spangler and the quality of training I have recieved from him. I broke my bike this week, I am sure my mom is rolling her eyes right now, so I have been using an old beat up one from a member, which makes everything a little bit more difficult, But I am hoping the Lord blesses me for my added workout:)
Latly for part of my personal study I have been reading part of the missionary library, Jesus the Christ. For those of you that have read it, you will understand what I mean when I say it is in depth. Written my James E. Talmage, Jesus the Christ takes an in depth look of Christ's life, and the exact reasoning behind EVERYTHING that he did. From each miracle, to each sermon taught, Christ had specific reasoning behind each and every one of his deeds. But what I have enjoyed the most would be the miracles that He performed. Even though he knew that each miracle drew him closer to death, he continued to serve God. See, the church people back then , the Jews, wanted to destroy Christ and all that he stood for. So they would set up ways for him to be "breaking the sabbith," like when he healed a crippled man. The Jew's looked at this as breaking the Law of Moses, but it is never been against the church to serve on Sunday. But these breaking of their laws, cause a hatred against Christ, and eventually factored into his death. But Christ did what was right. Even when he knew it was causing anger and frustration among the Jews. I am happy to be doing what I know is right. To be serving just as Christ did. I am proud to wear his name over my heart everyday, and love enduring everything the badge brings.
~Elder Maddox

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