Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I found these pictures of Steven on his Mission President's Blog from his last Zone Conference, June 2012.  I did not get a big email this week...hoping for a letter in a day or two, so these will have to do for now!  I did get a brief email letting me know that he no longer has a camera...or the photo card that was in the camera...I'm not really sure what became of the camera but knowing Boo...it could be as simple as; he inadvertently stepped on it where he neatly set it on the ground, or hey it fell into a volcano as he was passing it by or maybe he simply met someone who really needed a camera and gave them his...anyway no camera equals no pictures for mamma!  Thus the cash for pictures incentive program has been placed on hold (temporarily)  and a have resumed my cyber stalking for photos!  These are my latest finds...


Elder Maddox  sitting ( about 11:00) light blue tie

Shreveport Zone Conference   Elder Maddox is far right on front row 

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