Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter #34 (Ruston, LA)

Whats up world??
Alright so a change of scenery has taken place! I left Arkansas and got put back into Louisiana to open up Ruston to Elders. For those of you who are Jazz fans, you will find this cool. Ruston is home to none other than Karl "the mail man" Malone, and rumor has it that he enjoys having the missionaries over for the occasional dinner, so I will make sure to get some pictures during that dinner appointment. In addition to opening up Ruston, President McDounough has given me the opportunity to train again. Elder Rose is an 18 year old missionary from Richfield Utah, and is very excited to get going. Although I always enjoy going to new area's and meeting new people, leaving Ashdown was a bit difficult for me. So many memories, so many friendships took place in my three months up there, and truly, I was expecting a bit more time, maybe another transfer or two. Leaving was difficult, I found myself questioning if I had done all that I could, if I couldn't had worked just a little bit harder. I guess you start to get a bit sentimental when life changes huh? But the most amazing thing happened as Elder Jasperson and I were leaving. I felt the Spirit like crazy, testifying to me that it was indeed my time to go, and more than that, that I had done what I was supposed to accomplish there. What an amazing feeling to know I had fulfilled my mission, at least a few months of it, and to know Christ was pleased with my progress. What a blessing that was. I am really looking forward to these next couple of months with Elder Rose here in Ruston, and hope that when the time comes, that same Spirit will say "well done thy good and faithful servant."
          ~Elder Maddox

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