Thursday, April 26, 2012


Wow!  What an amazing day!  Steven had to be to bed by 10:30 last night (that's funny) and he was.  Then up by 6:30 this morning for scripture study, he is after all a missionary now.  He of course asked for eggs for breakfast and then went out back with his brothers and sisters and played ball for at least an hour.  His dad joined in on the fun too which made the game more physical for all the boys.  Elder Maddox or not, he wasn't about to go easy on his dad!  We did eventually finish packing his bags and headed to lunch at the Pizza Factory.  We stopped at the Provo Temple for a few family pictures and then across the street to the Missionary Training Center where he will spend the next three and a half weeks learning how to be a missionary.  Dropping him off at the MTC curb was a neat experience.  They were very busy, lots of people coming and going.  They were very organized, with seasoned missionaries assigned to each new missionary. 
 A young Elder from Maplelton stepped up to help Boo.  
He grabbed a suit case and waited to show him the way. Steve asked where he was going and he meekly said "the Congo".  The Elder waited patiently as we said our goodbyes, then guided him on his way.   Elder Maddox seemed very happy to being the next phase of his journey.  We each shed a few tears but it wasn't the uncontrollable sobbing I had feared.  We each knew that this was where he should be and that he was well prepared.  It just felt right.  The ride home for us was sad and quiet, or at least as quiet as a car with 5 kids in it can be.  There is definitely a void, one empty seat in our usually well pack Suburban.  We will miss our Boo so much while he is gone but we know he is about the Lord's work.  We know the value of what he is doing and what it means to him.  We are so proud of our Elder Maddox.   ~Lisa

Our empty seat...

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